Zinema Euskaraz premieres The Mayan Bee 2: The Honey Games in Basque in commercial halls

Zinema Euskaraz premieres The Mayan Bee 2: The Honey Games in Basque in commercial halls

February 08 2018

Thanks to the Zinema Euskaraz program promoted by Zineuskadi, tomorrow, February 9th, the most adventurous and fun bee in the hive returns to the big screen. The Mayan bee 2: The honey games (Germany) will arrive in the Basque and Navarra cinemas in its Basque version. This continuation of The Mayan Bee: The movie (2014) is again directed by Alexs Stadermann (The Woodlies Movie), who co-directs this family animation film with Noel Cleary (Blinky Bill: The Koala).

In their new adventure, Maya's hive has just finished the summer harvest and everyone is excited to participate in the Honey Games. Will this be the year in which they are finally invited to play? However, the Empress does not allow Maya and her friends to participate and also demands that they give part of their honey to the athletes. How unfair! Maya can not afford it and, ignoring the advice of the Queen, embarks on a trip to Buzztrópolis. There, in the great hive where the Empress lives, she will try to change her mind. Can Maya become the winner of the Games and save the hive? Their opponents, the Buzztrópolis team, will not make it easy for their leader Violet will do everything possible, including cheating, to defeat them. Of course, Maya will be accompanied by her longtime companions, Flip and Willi. Let the Honey Games begin!

The Zinema Euskaraz program promotes the use of Basque as a vehicle for cultural communication by making available to the public an offer of films that promote the normalization of Basque in leisure.

This Friday The Mayan Bee 2: The Honey Games, for all audiences, will be released in the following venues in Euskadi and Navarra: Cines Niessen (Rentería), Zugaza (Durango), Getxo Zinema (Getxo), Multicines (Bilbao) , Golem La Morea (Pamplona), Golem Alhóndiga (Bilbao), Prince (San Sebsatián), Coliseo (Eibar), Laudio Top Zinema” (Laudio) and Florida Guridi (Vitoria).