The Filmazpit program promotes cinema subtitled in Basque through its catalogue of outstanding original-version films aimed at a broad audience.

The program selects films screened at major film festivals in both in the Basque Country and Spain, bringing together works from a range of genres including social and musical documentaries, social dramas, comedies for all audiences, horror films, and short film collections on immigration, human rights, and sexual diversity. The films selected are particularly suitable to drive discussion around different social and cinematographic topics.

Filmazpit provides free copies of these films to cultural agents who want to organize non-profit screenings. The program is designed for a range of users, including city and town halls, associations that focus on the Basque language, women's associations, culture centres, film clubs, educational centres, and cultural agents.

The program runs throughout the year and requests can be made by sending an email to or by calling +34 610 724 162.

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