The aim of the Zinema Euskaraz programme is to deliver a selection of films to Basque audiences that not only promote cinematic values but also the use of the Basque language as a vehicle for cultural communication and for normalisation in the field of leisure and entertainment.

Zineuskadipromotes films in the Basque language through a grant programme aimed at encouraging the release of feature films (fiction, documentaries and animated) that are dubbed and/or subtitled in Basque, in commercial cinemas and alternative circuits. Any company, professional and/or association involved in the audiovisual sector and which is a legal entity can obtain these grants. Thanks to the agreement signed with EITB, the launch of a version in the Basque language will be backed up by a promotional campaign and advertising through the companies that make up the group.

Furthermore, the partnership agreement between EZAE (the Film Exhibition Association of the Basque Country) and ZINEUSKADI ensures the release of films supported by the ZINEMA EUSKARAZ programme and films produced in the Basque language, provided that their distribution is assured. Another of the aims of this partnership is to implement actions to generate new audiences, especially among young people, and to continue supporting European productions within the various programmes of the associated cinemas.

In addition, the Zinema Euskaraz program promotes films subtitled in Basque through the Filmazpit catalog. These are films in original version, aimed at a broad audience. Filmazpit facilitates the organization of non-profit projections at no cost to cultural agents. They are also titles especially suitable for the dynamization of colloquiums around different social or cinematographic themes.