Board of Directors


Aitziber Atorrasagasti Calcedo

Director of Culture Promotion, Eusko Jaurlaritza – Basque Government


Jose Luis Rebordinos Miramón

Director of San Sebastian Film Festival


Jose Antonio Fernández Gutierrez

Director of the Basque Film Archive Foundation


Aintzane Pérez del Palomar

Euskal Irrati Telebista

Iker Ganuza


Marian Fernández


Alfonso Venegas



Head of Europa Creativa Desk MEDIA Euskadi

Ainhoa González

Ainhoa González Sanchiz holds a diploma in Business and Tourism Management from the University of Deusto (San Sebastián). At the beginning of her career, she worked for several different Spanish companies within the tourism industry.

In 2002 she made the leap to the audiovisual industry. She acquired much of her professional experience at the Europa Creativa Desk MEDIA Euskadi office, working there as an employee since 2002 and directing the proceedings since 2012. In this role she has worked with promoting Basque cinema and to the same end she has been involved with the most important international markets in Europe and has organised meetings and innovation workshops – important tools for training and team work – with professionals from the Basque and European film industries.

Head of communication & Basque Audiovisual & Noka Mentoring

Jara Ayucar

Jara Ayucar holds a Bachelor's degree in Humanities (majoring in Communication) from the University of Deusto (San Sebastián) and a Master’s degree in Audiovisual and Documentary Writing (majoring in Narrative Strategies and Production Processes) from the UPV-EHU (Leioa Campus).

Jara began her professional career in the San Sebastián Film Festival Department of Industry (Sales Office) in 2009. Since then, she has combined her work for the San Sebastián Film Festival Industry Club with work relating to the international audiovisual industry. She has acted as a matchmaker in a variety of international markets, (MIPTV, MIPCOM, EFM Berlinale, Cannes Festival Marché du Film, FICG), in cinema distribution (One Eyed Films, London), and in television production (Bainet TV), she colaborated with the organisation of the FICG market, in addition to coordinating the film screenings and moderations at the first San Cristóbal de las Casas International Film Festival and leading the programming of the AECID Training Centre in La Antigua Guatemala. She is currently the marketing director of Zineuskadi, where her work focuses most strongly on increasing the international scope of the industry in cinema markets (Basque Audiovisual) as well as the coordination of the Noka Mentoring programme.

Head of Zinema Euskaraz & Grants

Gurutze Peñalva

Gurutze Peñalva has led the Zineuskadi organisation since 2012.  She began her professional career at the Lotura Films animation production company in 1986. She worked as Executive Producer and Production Director on the following feature films: “Balearenak” (“La leyenda del viento del Norte”) (1989-91), “Ahmed Príncipe de la Alhambra” (1996-98), “El embrujo del Sur” (2001-03), “Barriola, San Adriango Azeria” (2006-08). She was also the Production Director of “La isla del cangrejo” which won the Goya award for the best animated film in 2001.  She has also worked as a Production Director for various different television animation series and advertising spots.

In 2011 she began work as an audiovisual consultant, guiding audiovisual production companies through all of the procedures necessary for succeeding in their projects.

She is currently the Financial Director of Zineuskadi and the Manager of the Zinema Euskaraz programme and she manages grants for the promotion and marketing of feature films and for access to exhibition spaces.