HASIBERRIA (LE NOUVEAU, 2015) and KEEPER (2015) open the Filmazpit Catalogue in 2018

HASIBERRIA (LE NOUVEAU, 2015) and KEEPER (2015) open the Filmazpit Catalogue in 2018

February 02 2018

Two films focused on adolescence become part of the Filmazpit catalog. On the one hand, Rudi Rosenberg tells in Hasiberria (Le Nouveau, 2015) the adventures of the young Benoît when moving from the countryside to Paris; Guillaume Senez, on the other hand, recounts the vicissitudes of a Teenage couple after an unexpected pregnancy in Keeper (2015).

The story told by Hasiberria will sound like having seen it more than once on screen: misfortunes of a teenager in a new school where he has to face the bullying class, but the actor and now director Rudi Rosenberg manages to introduce bursts of fresh air within this classic speech. In Hasiberria students stand out marginalized within the complex school universe, but at the same time shows how much fun it can to be on that side of the scale. Rosenberg tenderly addresses young actors of the film but it does not hide the cruelest moments of adolescence. In some moments it is possible that it bothers us to see the film as it shows with absolute reality the humiliating episodes that perhaps we ourselves have lived on that path towards maturity. However, Rosenberg's film is an exciting and lucid comedy for spectators of all ages.

Keeper tackles several topics of social interest through the lives of two teenagers who are waiting for a child After this particularity are the step to maturity, commitment, the joy of youth or abortion. The highlights of the film are the interpretations of the young couple in charge of embodying Maxime and Mélanie. Kacey Mottet-Klein is impeccable in his male role and has been considered one of the greatest promises of French cinema. Galatéa Bellugi, her co-star, does not fall short and interprets the moments more drama of history. Senez delights us with a social cinema brimming with good interpretations by two young people with a promising future.

Keeper has participated in numerous festivals accumulating several awards and mentions specials: Locarno International Film Festival, Official Selection; Torino Film Festival, Best Movie; European Film Festival of Seville, Official Selection; Hamburg Film Festival, Award to the Young talent; Taipei Film Festival, Special Jury Prize; Rotterdam Film Festival, Official Section Hasiberria won the New Directors Award at the San Sebastian Festival 2015; was nominated for Best European Film at the 2017 Goya Awards and won the Award of the Audience for the Best Film at IndieLisboa 2016.

After these new additions to the program, the Filmazpit catalog has a eclectic collection of films for those programmers and cultural agents Interested parties can organize screenings at no cost. All the films in the catalog they are in the original version with Basque subtitles. Filmazpit is an initiative funded by the Basque Government and that with the collaboration of the San Sebastian Film Festival and Filmoteca Vasca manages Donostia Kultura since 2011 with the aim of spreading the cinema with subtitles in Euskera
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