May 13 2020

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“Animation is a technique; we can make films that address all kinds of issues, not just those related to children.”

Iván Miñambres, producer of 'Homeless Home', shares what participating in the Annecy Festival means to him, and takes stock of his career and the industry’s current situation.

Apr 27 2020

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The film THE SPY WITHIN (Sr&Sra Producciones) will premiere in the Official Section at the Locarno Festival

Zineuskadi had the chance to chat with its creators, Ana Schulz and Cristóbal Fernández, about the creative process.

Ana Schulz (Hamburg, 1979) is a photographer with Basque-German roots. She studied photography, liberal arts, and journalism in Madrid and currently lives in Barcelona. Her journalism work has focused on radio, mainly at Radio 3. She created and co-directed Radio Círculo’s interview program and blog Cámara Lúcida. She has worked in cultural management and exhibit curating at the Marlborough Gallery, the Círculo del Arte, and the Openhouse project.

Cristóbal Fernández (Madrid, 1980) is a musician and editor. He founded the film magazine Cabeza Borradora in 1999. He moved to Barcelona in 2004 to get a Master's Degree in Documentary Creation at UPF and has worked as an editor on twenty-plus documentaries, including the 2016 winner of the Cannes Critics' Week, Mimosas by Oliver Laxe, Aita by Jose María de Orbe, and Atomic Age by Héléna Klotz. He has directed Diario de un reflejo (2008), Filmmaker. About Victor Kossakovsky (2004), and El oficio de mi hermano (2002).

Mudar la piel (The Spy Within) will be screened in the non-competitive Official Selection of the 71st edition of the Locarno Festival in August 2018. Produced by Señor y Señora and Labyrinthus PC, the film tells the story of a friendship between a mediator for peace between ETA and the Spanish government, and an ETA-infiltrated spy from the secret services. A friendship overcame betrayal and endures; a friendship that raises a number of questions. A chronicle of the filmmakers' own relationship with the spy and the challenge of capturing their elusive identity.

Aug 08 2018

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May 04 2018

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