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This Friday 18th premieres in Basque Grufaloa in the halls of Euskadi

May 18 2018

Thanks to the Zinema Euskaraz program promoted by the Basque Government through Zineuskadi, this "instant classic" by Julia Donaldson, which has sold more than thirteen million copies worldwide, can be seen in the halls of Euskadi.

The adaptation to the cinema has become a blockbuster where it has happened. Grufaloa has achieved the recognition of children and professionals and has more than 10 million viewers in the world. The film has been selected in more than 35 international film festivals and has received numerous awards. In 2010 he received an award at the Annecy Animation Festival and a year later was nominated for an Oscar for best animation.

Although it has been a few years since its production, we can finally enjoy Grufaloa in Euskara on the big screen. Film that encourages children (from 3 years old) to live adventures using wit, perseverance and courage.

This film tells the story of a little mouse that walks happily through the woods. He is very hungry so he decides to go and look for hazelnuts to have a good feast. On the way he meets a fox, an owl and a snake as hungry as he is. The three want to invite him to eat at home, but the mouse, who does not trust his intentions at all, very kindly declines the invitations because he has stayed with ... the Grúfalo! Discover the enchanting world of Grúfalo in this unforgettable film.

Donaldson, writer and dramatist, was characterized by the discovery of her passions: the imaginary characters, the songs, the narrations and the shows. With more than 200 books published, Julia's work stands out for encouraging children to read through their theatrical and musical performances. It is not surprising that in addition to the Grufaloa, other of his later titles have also been adapted for the big screen.

The theaters in which it is released are the following: Getxo Zinema (Bilbao), Antiguo Berri or Príncipe (San Sebastián), Cinemas Niessen Zinemak (Rentería) and Zugaza Cinema (Durango).

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